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CNC Lathing



We use the stamping process for items which require a perfectly flat surface, like for example tags or medals. The advantage of stamping is that the details like for example alphabetical characters come very sharp. It is almost impossible to get an approaching result by casting.

With stamping, it is also possible to produce very light items by using thin metal sheets (silver, gold, brass, alpaca, stainless steel or any other suitable metal).


Considering the price of precious metals like silver and gold at this time, it represents a serious advantage on casting.

We can stamp

  • medals
  • pendants
  • cuff links
  • money clips
  • bangles
  • rings
  • Buttons for uniforms
  • etc


Medal stamped by Caloz International
Brass Medal stamped-brushed antique gold finish
Translation: stamping, ختم, estampage, Stanzen, stampaggio, スタンピング, штамповка, estampado, stämpling, การปั๊ม