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CNC Lathing



We manufacture almost exclusively our customer's designs. We are used to develop products from your drawings all the way through to the finished product.


We offer a manufacturing service for:

  • jewelry in silver, gold, stainless steel, alpaca, brass or combination of those metals
  • silver combined with gold
  • cufflinks with quality spring mechanism
  • key holders
  • conchoes, buttons
  • medals in silver, brass, alpaca or copper
  • money clips
  • customized metal parts for watch boxes and jewelry boxes
  • silver screws and knots (customized)
  • brass screws and knots (customized)
  • metal parts for mobile phone
  • metal parts for belts
  • metal parts for bags
  • metal parts for wallets
  • metal parts for fashion accessories



We work with the following metals:

  • silver (casting, lathing, milling, stamping)
  • gold (casting, milling, stamping)
  • stainless steel (cutting, lathing, milling, stamping)
  • brass (casting, lathing, milling, stamping)
  • copper (casting, lathing, milling, stamping)
  • bronze (casting, lathing, milling, stamping)
  • alpaca (also called German silver) (casting, lathing, milling, stamping)
  • white brass (nickel free) (casting, milling)
  • From time to time also zinc (casting, milling) and aluminium (stamping)


Metal working Techniques

  • stamping
  • lathing
  • CNC Machining (CNC milling, CNC lathing, CNC laser cutting, etc.)
  • casting



  • gold
  • pink gold
  • silver
  • rhodium
  • ruthenium
  • black antique
  • gold antique
  • On stainless steel: Black PVD, Yellow gold PVD, Pink gold PVD


The combination of raw material, techniques and experience gives us the flexibility to offer a very interesting range of manufacturing possibilities for your products.


For any request which requires other types of technique or raw material, we are most likely to know where to find it and where to do it.









medal produced by Caloz International -Stamping, casting, CNC machining, Lathing
Medal in brass with an antique gold brush finish