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CNC Lathing

CNC Machining

CNC simply refers to "computer numerical control" There are thus many types of machines which are controlled by computer such as cutting machines, engraving machines, milling machines, lathing machines etc.

Below, you will find a few items which we have made with a CNC Machine. We can work here on silver, gold, brass, alpaca or any other metal which is not too hard for our machinery.  The items shown in the pictures have only been machined (no sanding, no polishing). The designs are intricate and there is no deformation on the edges (like in stamping).

Filigree produced with a CNC machine by Caloz International
Part for Leather Bracelet 46mmx1mm (not polished yet)
Butterfly produced with a CNC machine by Caloz international
Part for leather bracelet 17x15mmx1mm (not polished yet)
Comb produced by Caloz international - Stamping and CNC machining
Comb in brass 152x20mm (not polished yet)