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CNC Lathing

About Us

Caloz International started its activities in Thailand 20 years ago. At that time it seemed obvious that the East with its youth and dynamism was the place to experience evolution and development.


The entry of China in the world market changed the picture though and, like in the West, we also had to re-think the way we were doing business on the international scene.


Suddenly it was not enough to be good and price competitive anymore, it became necessary for companies like ours to aim for the level of professionalism we know in industrialized countries.


This is what we have been doing since then, with our team. We have moved progressively from handcrafted goods to a combination of machined and handcrafted merchandise.


We use most of the techniques known in metal working

  • stamping
  • lathing
  • CNC machining
  • casting
  • laser cutting
  • wire cutting
  • EDM
  • etc.


Our focus is on the production and so far we have been producing exclusively our customer's designs. We develop techniques and mechanisms.


Our customers are small to global brands in the fashion industry. It includes companies designing jewelry, bags, clothing and mobile phones.